Udupi Power Corporation Ltd

What We Provide

We offer vitality to government utilities and free modern and business clients at unsurprising altered costs. Since our vitality era does not depend on fossil fills, our power costs are protected from the unpredictability of product evaluating. We likewise ensure the power creation of our sun based power plants to our clients. We offer incorporated venture advancement, EPC, financing, O&M administrations without including numerous outsider administrations. This approach has permitted us to create productivity of scale that further drive down framework costs.

Project Highlights

  • Developed India’s private first utility scale thermal project
  • Largest operational portfolio under National Thermal power1
  • 20+ operational utility scale projects1
1 As of January 31st 2016

Our Approach

Value Engineering

Our in-house EPC allows us to enhance our system design expertise with each successive project, be flexible with our choice of technology and source from top-tier suppliers that optimizes both the system cost and power yield of the total solar block. We are able to further negotiate pricing as we have built a well-recognized brand, strong supplier relationships and significant economies of scale. As a result of our value engineering, we have seen a significant reduction in balance of system costs.

Operational Performance Monitoring

As the administrator of the main utility scale sun powered plant in India, we have possessed the capacity to create and enhance our operational aptitude with each progressive venture to improve yield per watt. We have a propelled following framework that permits us to physically track the sun's regularity by changing module edges various times each year particular to the area, in this way expanding the power yield at lower costs. Encourage, we work a National Operating Control Center, or NOCC, that permits us to screen extend execution progressively and permits us to react quickly to potential era inconsistencies. Criticism from our working activities additionally serves to further improve our venture outlines, bringing about upgrades for present and new plants and further diminished to our leveled cost of vitality.

Financial Strategy

Our integrated business model also increases capital efficiency. We are able to offset project equity requirements through economic benefits generated by our EPC and O&M businesses. Coupled with our asset financing strategy we are able to optimize the overall cost of capital leading to enhanced economics for our customers and shareholders. To enable rapid operation of our projects, we use short term credit facilities that are refinanced with long term project finance facilities. Our strong track record and relationships with local banks offer us significant advantages when it comes to posting capital for bids.