Udupi Power Corporation Ltd


At Udupi Power Project Limited (UPPL), Occupational Health and Safety is given prime importance. All our Power Generation plants have been certified with OHSAS 18001:2007 Management Systems.

Safety is an integral to all Udupi Power operations and every Power station prioritizes awareness-building, in built safety design and use of technology to enhance safety.

Udupi Power Project Limited has a written down Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) Policy, Safety Manual and identification of Legal Requirements in Legal register as well as in Operation & Maintenance activities. It has on-site Emergency Plan and Safety Operating Procedures. There is a Corporate Safety Group under guidance of CEO monitoring the safety activities of all the stations.

We have an undeniable Technical Training community for conferring preparing to the representatives. Inner/External preparing projects are composed via Training focus. Well being office has additionally got a hostage classroom to grant preparing and retraining on normal premise. We likewise have Occupational Health Center all around furnished with most recent framework to handle therapeutic crises emerging out of occurrences or the disease. Pre-business and intermittent therapeutic examination of the agreement specialists sent at site including risky zones is being led according to statutory prerequisites.

Udupi Power Project Limited is members of Gujarat Safety Council , National Safety Council (NSC), and Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE -India) that provides independent advice, supports and organizes seminars which help to improve latest technologies and development in safety rules & regulations.

In a nutshell all possible safety precautions are observed and taken in to consideration so as to meet benchmarked global standards in safety management systems. Our each plant goes beyond statutory requirements to achieve continual improvement in track records year by year. This effort has been recognized through awards and accolades from many organization & safety forums.