Udupi Power Corporation Ltd

We have successfully brought down the cost of power from INR 17.91 /kWh in 2009 to INR 4.78 /kWh in 2016

Low Cost of Energy

We have brought down our cost of vitality through esteem designing, operational execution checking and proficient budgetary procedure. This permits us to convey financially savvy vitality for our clients. Our in-house EPC mastery brings down framework costs and our progressed in-house operations and upkeep ability permits us to expand control yields and screen extend execution close continuous. Combined with our productive money related methodology, we trust that we can offer minimal effort sun oriented influence arrangements at high proficiency yields.

Strong Value Proposition for Our Customers

We deal with the whole improvement and operation handle, furnishing clients with long term settled value PPAs, as an aftereffect of sun oriented not being liable to variable ware costs. Our in-house concentrate on high designing guidelines and resource quality guarantees abnormal states of accessibility and administration to our clients

We have lowered our cost of energy through value engineering, operational performance monitoring and efficient financial strategy.

Our integrated project development, EPC, financing and O&M services has allowed us to generate efficiencies of scale that further drive down system costs

Integrated Profile

Rather than depending on outsider suppliers, our incorporated profile bears us more noteworthy control over venture improvement, development and operation, which gives us more prominent knowledge and sureness on our development expenses and course of events. Combined with our minimal effort profile, our more prominent understanding backings aggressive new venture offers at winning business sector costs, not at our immediate expenses.

Strong Community Partnership

We employ from nearby groups and for the most part rent arrive with couple of option uses, furnishing neighborhood groups with a flood of optional income without dislodging elective organizations. Thus we can manufacture long haul group connections, which permits us to enhance our season of consummation, further lessening venture advancement hazard.

"Not only did the plant provide electricity to all the nearby underserved villages, it also provided employement to most of us in the village"
- Jagir Singh, Lessor - Project land, Punjab

Our Projects

  • Rajasthan 2

    1200 MW