Udupi Power Corporation Ltd


In the current scenario of climate change and global warming, the usage of environment friendly technology is an integral part of a project feasibility and execution. Udupi Power Group is committed towards the energy conservation and environment while addressing the nation's energy requirements.

Udupi Power created history by synchronizing India's first super-critical technology based 660 MW generating thermal power unit at Mundra. The Supercritical power plants operate at higher temperatures and pressures, and therefore achieve higher efficiencies (above 40%) than conventional sub-critical power plants (32%). The use of supercritical technology also leads to significant CO2 emission reductions (above 20%).

  • Installing supercritical units - Conserve coal
  • Installation of energy efficient LED lighting
  • Optimize auxiliary power consumption
  • Implementing VFDs
  • Improving combustion efficiency
  • Minimize system leakages

  • We are developing plantation and greenery not only to reduce CO2 emission but also to become a responsible corporate citizen and to create an environment friendly setup to have one of the greenest power plants. Key highlights include following:

  • The Green Zone development which includes 25845 trees, 392250 shrubs and 28785Sq.m green carpet with a survival rate of more than 90% in highly saline soil base dredged from the sea
  • Adoption of Israel's Hi-Tech Mechanised sprinkler irrigation systems and also the latest system of underground drip irrigation to deliver water directly to the roots to avoid water loss through evaporation. This system reduces irrigation water usage up to 80%.
  • Utilisation of Hi-tech and latest techniques in horticulture maintenance with high working efficiency and productivity initiatives.
  • Adoption of base greening concept to prevent blowing of sand in high wind velocity.
  • Utilisation of treated STP water in irrigation & treated sludge into manure in Green zone development with dual benefits i.e. fulfillment of environmental policy and economising on irrigation water.
  • Implemented productive Green zones with three major benefits such as income generation, employment and implementation of environment policy

  • 100% fly-ash is captured and exported through world class bagging facilities at our Mundra power plant. The same is used to create soil enriching vermicompost manure.

    All the natural waste at our energy plants, for example, kitchen squander, farming waste, and so on are utilized to make soil advancing vermicompost. Utilizing repercussion of industry, for example, Flyash has indicated imaginative results, for example, decreased levels of contaminants and higher nourishment that permits one to improve soil without the utilization of simulated manures. Different advantages incorporate:

  • Efficient conversion of organic wastes/crop/animal residues.
  • Stable and enriched soil conditioner.
  • Reducing population of pathogenic microbes.
  • Economically viable and environmentally safe nutrient supplement for organic food production.