Udupi Power Corporation Ltd

Corporate Governance

Corporate administration rationality depends on the standards of equivalent open door, decency, straightforwardness, maintaining the law in its most genuine soul and keeping up legit correspondences. The Company trusts that sound corporate administration is important not simply to hold partners trust but rather is exceptionally basic for proficient working and legitimate direct of the matter of the organization with trustworthiness. Improvement of Corporate Governance rules is a nonstop procedure, which develops over a time frame and experiences changes to suit the changing times and needs of the business, society and the country.

The Board of Directors is at the center of corporate administration hone and regulates how the administration serves and ensures the long haul interests of all partners. Our Board individuals with their unfathomable experience and learning guide different administration panels to maintain the standards in agreement to the most noteworthy industry benchmarks. Be it administration, trade, fund, saving money, specialized, legitimate and so on, the Board has shaped different panels, for example, Audit Committee, Banking Committee, speculation Committee, Allotment Committee, Project Monitoring Committee, CSR Advisory Council, Corporate Environment Team. These councils have been vested with the fundamental forces to effectively deal with the issues of the Company.

Code of Conduct

The code of conduct has been laid down by the Board with a view to promote good corporate governance and exemplary personal conduct. It is applicable to all directors and senior managerial personnel of the company. The Board of Directors has also approved a Code of internal procedures and conduct to avoid any misconduct.

As a part of its commitment to follow best practices and good corporate governance, Udupi Power abides by the highest rules and guidelines of the Country. Conforming to these guidelines, and enthused by its own urge to be looked upon as a free, fair and trustworthy organisation, the Company keeps innovating ways to ensure that its businesses and social accomplishments are achieved with integrity.